Something went wrong… in the last century we got carried away by the benefits of industrialization. We started playing with something we did not quite understand. Chemicals, pesticides, artificial additives… It allowed us to produce more food, grow bigger crops and get longer shelf life. Though it came with a cost. We are facing some challenges now.
Anton Voskoboynikov
Norway Seaweed is a local Norwegian company. We live on the beautiful coast of Southern Norway. The water here is clean and seaweeds grow naturally. For centuries people at the coast used seaweeds as fertilizers, feed for animals and as food supplements. New things are usually well forgotten old ones. Now due to rapid development in science we learn more about why seaweeds are so good for us. Today we can combine old wisdom with newest approaches in biotechnology and give you the best from both worlds — products based on seaweeds grown naturally in the cleanest environment, with good effects explained and proven by science.
Our projects on development of seaweed industry and building sustainable production have been supported by national governmental funds Innovation Norway and Research Council as well as by local authorities in Southern Norway. They shared our passion for development of innovative products and believed in our ability to pull it through.
We are a small team of professionals with huge network and background in strategy, business development, aquaculture, marketing, marine biology and biotechnology. We believe in cooperation and work together with local partners and international research groups on production of seaweeds, extraction of valuable components and development of new supplements with unique health benefits.
Team and expertise
We are soon 9 bln people and we will not be able to produce enough food unless we find new ways. Soil is getting depleted for vital nutrients which are being washed to the sea. Aquaculture in Norway has ambitions to multiply production 5 times but straggling with deceases and sea lies. Fish meal in fish feed is being substituted by plant proteins. As a result, Omega-3 levels in farmed salmon are decreased by 50%. When both food produced on land and in the sea have lack vital nutrients we start getting sick and don't look very well. No surprise that market for health products is booming. Oil and gas will be a major source of energy for many years ahead. CO2 looks like the major problem while methane considered to be number two. It comes mostly from agriculture as "digestive emission" from the cows. On top of that plastic is becoming a large problem.
And guess what? One way or another all of these challenges are being addressed by seaweed-based products. How much more exciting it can get with so much potential hidden in one raw material?

That's why we believe in development of middle-size seaweed industry based on principles of sustainability and cooperation with local community, combination of untouched nature and innovation to secure delivering of bioactive components from the cleanest sea. We do it by growing seaweeds in clean waters of Southern Norway, delivering dried seaweeds or extracts for those who use it in their products and supply unique supplements based on seaweeds and other marine ingredients.
If you share our enthusiasm about development of business opportunities for products based on seaweeds, get in touch with us.

Seaweed industry in Norway is just starting to take off and we would love to hear from good partners and investors who share our vision for the future of the industry.
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