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Recovery – support immune system
The problem
Most cancer patients know that chemotherapy weakens their immune systems, putting them at risk for viral and bacterial infections. Authors of the new study were surprised to find out that adaptive immune system is altered following chemotherapy for at least nine months post-therapy. It is much longer than previously thought. Source

There is evidence that poor recovery predicted greater disease recurrence in patients with early stage breast cancer (Wiltschke et al., 1995) and poorer disease-free and overall survivals in metastatic breast cancer patients (Nieto et al., 2004; Porrata, Ingle, Litzow, Geyer, & Markovic, 2001).

Recovery recovery was developed to help boost system recovery after extreme stress conditions like chemotherapies, extreme physical and psychological activities.

Sugar Kelp – seaweed containing a wide variety of biologically active compounds, over 40 micro- and macronutrients and vitamins. Due to high content of iodine it is used for treatment of goiter which is associated with iodine deficiency. Polysaccharides of Sugar Kelp function as a sorbent of heavy metals, including radionuclides.

Milk Thistle – strengthen immune system, increase resistance to the stress factors of the environment. Milk Thistle is used as immune modulator after chemotherapy. Supplements with Milk Thistle are used in treatments of cystitis, prostatitis, prostate adenoma, nephritis and for strengthening potency.
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