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Development of network for seaweed production in Agder


     In the beginning of 2017 Norway Seaweed received 500 000 NOK from the regional authorities of Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder. The funding is provided to support our project “Development of network for seaweed production in Agder”. This is a two-year project with the aim to build a network of local suppliers, partners and research institution, which can contribute with their knowledge, skills, equipment, services, etc. to successful development of seaweed production industry in Sothern Norway.




     There is an increasing focus in Norway on utilization of marine resources, including cultivation of seaweeds. There are several seaweed producers which are mostly located in other regions of Norway. Seaweed industry is still in the early stage in Europe and there is plenty of room for improvements both in biology, cultivation methods, technology and product development. Norway with its long coast line and clean waters has access to huge marine resources. There is a developed infrastructure for fisheries, aquaculture and processing. And there is also a lot of local knowledge about the sea. In Agder we have several research institutions, international companies in maritime, offshore and process industry. At the same time, we compete with other countries with lower labor costs.


     We believe the answer is to build upon existing foundation – work smarter, adapting technologies from other industries, use local knowledge, develop network and build platform for cooperation with relevant local companies and researchers.


     That’s why in this project we would like to identify possibilities for cost-efficient seaweed production in Southern Norway in cooperation with other local partners.




     Partners in this project have hands-on experience in blue mussels and seaweed production, as well as equipment, licenses and infrastructure.


     The project will contribute to development of cooperation between several companies to secure cost-efficient production of seaweeds, blue mussels and potentially other marine resources at the same area, sharing infrastructure and reducing operational costs.




     The project was supported by Aust-Agder, Vest-Agder and The Research Council of Norway.