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Seaweed polysaccharides (laminarin and fucoidan) isolated from the cell walls of brown seaweed (Laminaria digitata) possess immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antitumor, antithrombotic anticoagulant and antioxidant bioactivities. 

Laminarin shows various health benefits like in treating diseases that are associated to the blood vessel in the heart through boosting the blood vessels in the heart thereby improving cardiovascular health. An increase amount of intake of laminarin maintains the vigorous blood vessels around the heart thus, preserving a well fit cardiovascular system.

Laminarin content of brown seaweed is a great natural source of energy. Because of the publicity and benefits that brown seaweed has received in recent years, including a feature article in Time Magazine, it’s not surprising that most people are heading to the nearest health food store and buying brown seaweed. 

There are numerous studies of positive effects of laminarin on gut health and growth of pigs. Laminarin is known to have prebiotic properties and thus may stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria. It is used to enhance immune function in pigs. Laminarin have been also assessed as potential antibiotic replacers in pigs.

Laminarin and fucoidan extracted from Laminaria species were found to improve piglet performance, with laminarin being the main source for gut health and performance improvements, which was reported in 2009 and 2010.

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