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Ocean natural power
Why seaweeds?

Seaweeds are fascinating. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and many bioactive components which have plenty of health benefits. They grow in a very sustainable way with only CO2, light, and some nutrients naturally found in the water. The global market for seaweed industry is expected to double in 2024 compared to 2015 and reach 22 bln USD. Seaweeds as raw material have a huge potential. They are used today in food, fertilizers, fish and animal feed, cosmetics, supplements, medicine, as a source of energy and even as a bio-filter for removing oil spills.


We are soon 9 bln people and we will not be able to produce enough food…


Phosphor is vital in fertilizers but it can disappear in 30-100 years…


Omega-3 in farmed salmon dropped by 50% due to use of plant proteins…


A lot of cosmetics use chemicals which are not good for us in a long run…


Industrial food production left us with less nutrients and more empty calories…

Water cleaning

Many areas of the sea are polluted with chemicals, oil and heavy metals…

The main fields of our specialization that we are proud of

Our mission is to deliver valuable components from the cleanest areas of the sea both to private customers and to companies sharing our passion for creating products based on seaweeds. Here are some groups of our most interesting products.

Dried seaweed

Seaweeds are great as raw material and can be used for many different products. They are full of vitamins, minerals and bioactive components. We can provide seaweeds from the cleanest areas of the sea which secures safe raw material of highest quality.

Seaweed extracts

Some of the most valuable components in seaweeds are not bioavailable as they are hidden inside cells. In order to extract them we work with international scientists, researchers and experts in different types of extractions.


Sea urchin, seaweeds,herb. In order to maximize health benefits of the seaweeds we development new formulas in cooperation with international groups of researchers. We can provide unique supplements based on seaweeds, sea urchin gonads and herbs from remoted places where nature is wild and untouched.


From Our Partners

About our partners

Thanks to all our partners who helped us on our way. Governmental funds believed in our mission and supported several of our projects. We were lucky to work together with some great scientists and research groups. Local projects were implemented with help from the local community and private companies. See more about cooperation with our great partners.


  • Anton Voskoboynikov of Norway Seaweed AS was part of the Blue Garden team from the start. Ha proved a very creative and innovative partner, always approaching the obstacles with a “yes-we-can”-attitude and a good sense of humor. He also was extremely accommodating to the team members who needed to understand the practical aspects of seaweed production.
    Cecilie Mauritzen, Research Director , NIVA
  • And in that connection, he took me to their test facilities both in Lillesand and Søgne. It is my sincere hope that we will be able to continue the Blue Garden project, and that Anton Voskoboynikov will wish to continue the collaboration, because it is fun, inspiring, instructive and extraordinarily productive to work with him.
    Cecilie Mauritzen, Research Director , NIVA


  • We worked together with Norway Seaweed in a national research project MACROSEA and share their enthusiasm for development of seaweed industry. It was a successful project where we tested production of Sugar Kelp at a very exposed area in Southern Norway.
    Per Christian Hoelfeldt Lund, Sørskjell AS
  • We monitored growth, took samples for biochemical and genetic analyses. We learned a lot form this project and will continue cooperation on commercial production of seaweeds and blue mussels together with Norway Seaweed.
    Per Christian Hoelfeldt Lund, Sørskjell AS
Watch our presentation

Watch how we grow our seaweeds in clean cool waters, surrounded by beautiful nature of Southern Norway. This ecological region is traditionally a good place for seaweeds which grow here naturally. We do not use large industrial boats or any other systems which could be negative for the nature. Instead we grow and harvest seaweeds in a smart way in close cooperation with local fishermen and farmers who grew up here and know how to work efficiently taking good care of local environment.

  • Where our seaweeds come from

  • Who are our partners

  • How we work with local community

  • Our cooperation with research institutions


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